Halloween and the aftermath…

Hi Friends!

How’s everyone recovering from the candy binder? I am having quite a difficult time bouncing back.. I tried to wait till the last minute to buy candy so I wouldn’t be so tempted, but it was in the house for 3 days and that was enough to throw my body through a loop with all of my intolerance issues that we talked about a few weeks ago. 

My joints are swollen, my muscles are tense, and I have been having alot of head pain this week. I am really fed up with feeling terrible all the time! It’s especially not fun with a 7 month old. All I wanna do is be a fun out going mommy and not have to fake smiles all day…

Finally feeling a little relief today, I actually feel half way decent. I do have to give some credit to a new favorite treatment I just went to yesterday, Acupuncture!! It’s quite Amazing what those little needles can do for your body (but we can talk about that another time). I have also been getting back to my favorite way of eating the last couple of days and I completely missed it now that I’m back at it! It may seem boring to you but I have a love for rice, veggies, and ground turkey!

Do you find yourself having low energy early in the day? Are your muscles tense making it impossible for you to relax? Do your joints bother you randomly for no reason? Have you ever tried to change your ways of eating for 30 days? It could change your life, what are you waiting for! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to be healthy. You just have to figure out how to make healthy meals into delicious meals. 

One of my all time favorite dinners is ground turkey browned and seasoned with cajon seasoning, chilli powder, and paprika. Green beans, corn, red bell pepper, garlic, and green onions sauted in coconut oil. Add your cooked ground turkey to the veggies when they are almost done and heat on medium for 5 more minutes. Throw that on top of some brown rice, add a bit of cheese and tapatio and Wahla! You got a delicious, healthy dinner!

Now doesn’t that sound easy..? It can be if you have the right food in your pantry and the wrong food on the shelf at the store where it belongs! 
Natural ways of living is hard to get started.. but it can be the most rewarding thing you ever do! Plus once you get the hang of it it will come naturally. But remember everyone at sometime falls into the Holiday goodie bag, so don’t worry about it, just get back to better eating asap. 

Thanks for reading! Please share some of your own easy natural recipes below, I would love to hear about them! And don’t forget to check out my website for Natural Bath & Body Products @ bristowsnatural.com Christmas is right around the corner.. bath bombs, and lip balms make great stocking stuffers! Have a great week!


Easy Cool Whip Apple Dessert

Hi friends,

If your like me sometimes you get a hankerin for something sweet, but you don’t wanna worry about sliding off the ol diet train. So today I figured I would share a super simple delicious sweet, but still on the healthier side, treat!

Utensils you will need:

  • Knife
  • Cutting board
  • Bowl
  • Spoon

Ingredients you will need:

  •  1 Apple (I prefer gala for this recipe)
  •  2 Tbsp Cool whip
  • Shredded coconut (I use sweetend but it works with unsweetend too)
  • Cinnamon

I bet you can already see where I am going with this one! Like I said, super simple yet all the delicious, and incredibly easy!!

So lets start by washing and drying that apple. Then chop it up in to small cubes and discard the core. Now just throw the apple cubes in a bowl, top with cool whip, shredded coconut, and sprinkle on some cinnamon!! Hazzah, you now have an Amazing sweet treat to eat!!

I know so easy! I hope you enjoy! If you have anything you would like to add to my recipe I would love to hear about it! Please comment you ideas and thoughts below. Hope everyone has a great week!


Intolerance foods

Hi friends,

Today I wanna talk about a fun thing called acne (boooo) and why we are still getting it in our 30’s… So as you know I make my own natural skin care ( bristowsnatural.com ) and even though that helps my skin to look Amazing (especially with a spritz of this on my face throughout the day) its not enough to keep those obnoxious pimples away!

Did you know that your body gets rid of toxins 4 different ways? There’s the obvious kidneys and liver.. but there’s also the lungs (which seems kinda gross right, please don’t breath on me sir) and the skin. Which is where the acne thing comes in to play.

I used to break out often, and it was so frustrating thinking it’s the new make up or possibly the new soap I am using.. but No!! I finally figured it out after an elimination diet and some testing! I am intolerant to to certain foods. Every time I eat corn starch, corn oil, or soy I get a break out, and some fun intestinal pain.

Have you ever tried to find food that doesn’t contain corn or soy? It’s almost impossible cause it’s in everything (well everything that’s easy to grab off the shelf and eat quickly any way) . So I started an elimination diet, only eating fruits, veggies (except corn), and meat. I eventually introduced rice and that was a great diet/way of life! I feel much better, I rarely get acne, and I no longer have joint pain! Yes, I forgot to mention that eating foods I was intolerant to made my joints swell, and that was quite painful.. some days it was hard to walk up the stairs.. I even wore wrist braces at night to help ease my wrist/hand pain.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you? Are you ready to make that diet change and find out if foods might be causing some of these issues? Well if you are start by doing an elimination diet, by only eating fruit, veggies, and meat.. you should notice a change in skin or joint pain within 2-4 weeks. Then add in a new food, for instance rice. If your symptoms come back then stop the rice and try adding a new food. If you feel good with the rice in 2 weeks add another food. You see how it works now?

I know this is really hard stuff, especially with all the advertisements of delicious food and the sweet treats you have to walk by in the grocery store, but you can do it!!!! Your Strong and Amazing!!! Just think about how much better you will feel in as little as 2 weeks!! And a huge plus little to no breakouts!!! Good Luck!! I hope this helps you as much as it helped me!!



DIY Lip Balm

Hi friends!

Today I would love to share with you my peppermint lip balm recipe! It took me a little while to get the perfect creamy lip balm and all of the right ingredients that keep those lips soft and smooth but I finally figured it out and I am excited to share with you!

1st of all you are gonna need some of these utensils…

-small pot

candy thermometer



-small bowl


-stove top or hot plate

Then these ingredients…

-shea butter .75 oz

-bees wax .5oz

-coconut oil .25 oz

-sweet almond oil .25 oz

-vitamin E (you can use the capsules) 2 caps

-tea tree essential oil 2 drops (optional)

-peppermint essential oil 2.5 ml

-lip safe colorant (optional)

-lip balm tubes 11 (I use the oval ones from wholesalesuppliesplus.com)

Okay now lets get started! Measure your shea butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil and add it to the pot. Be sure to attach your candy thermometer to the side of the pot so you can keep an eye on the temp. Heat on low 175 – 180 stirring frequently. Hold temp for 20 minutes (Try not to over heat). Next measure your bees wax and add it to the pot, then add your vitamin E (just poke a hole in the capsule and squeeze into the pot). When wax is melted remove from heat. Add essential oils and colorant. Stir till colorant blends in (about 1-2 minutes). Now pour into tubes and let cool in the fridge for 1 hour before capping! Hazzah your done! You have now made your very own peppermint lip balm!

Peppermint Lip Balm

If your like me you will want to make them look cute by decorating some labels. I buy mine in bulk at onlinelabels.com but you can always find a small pack at an office supply store near you and print them from your computer at home.

I would Love to hear how they turned out!! Please comment below and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading! If you like the recipe but don’t have time or don’t wanna make them yourself you can always buy them already made from my website bristowsnatural.com


A little bit about me

Hi there! This is my 1st blog so I figured I’d start by telling a little bit about myself and how I came to making Natural Bath & Body Products.

It all started June 2013.. I had been bartending for 8 yrs at a little place called After 5 in Hemet, Ca. I got a wonderful opportunity to go out and party in Huntington beach at Johnny’s Saloon with my husband. So of coarse we went, highly enjoyed our selves, and way over did it.. the hangover was brutal.. 10 days later I was still really dizzy, with a headache, and nausea. I decided to make a trip to urgent care where they ran blood test. A few days later my results were in! I was completely healthy.. but still feeling terrible. So I decided it was time to make an appt with my Dr. He ran test after test and finally came up with some allergies/intolerances. Turns out I’m intolerant to quite a few things including corn and soy, which is in everything! Still not satisfied with the results I had more testing done.. finally an MRI had shown I have Chiari Malformation.. I had never heard of it. The Dr explained that I was born with it. conquerchiari.org gives a lot of info if you are interested. (Short version my brain is to big for my skull) This is why I had so many headaches growing up. I always thought everyone got headaches when they laughed or coughed.

I was then referred to a neurosurgeon. He let me know my options.. which pretty much pointed to brain surgery. It was hard to take in.. I mean really.. me.. brain surgery.. So I scheduled my 1st surgery  for Dec 13th 2013.. everything went well. They took out part of my skull, and half of C1 (the top of my spine). 2 months later I was healing nicely but my original symptoms were still bothering me.. so I scheduled another surgery March 18th 2104.

5 days after the 2nd surgery I was in excruciating pain! It felt like something was smashing my brain every 30 seconds! My husband rushed me to the emergency room, they gave me 2 shots of morphine, and 2 shots of dilaudid. The pain was still there but not as intense.. the Dr in the ER said this is normal after this kind of brain surgery and sent me home. 2 weeks had gone by and the pain got worse every day, multiple trips to the ER, where they would pump me full of pain killers and send me home. A couple of times they did test (MRI and a CT scan) and said everything looked normal. I don’t remember any thing that happened in those 2 weeks.. my husband filled me in on the details later.

The neurosurgeon that did my surgery had got back into town and seen my MRI and immediately got me in for another surgery. I had developed a CSF leak and my head was filling up with fluid smashing my brain, (that’s how I developed Hydrocephalus). He had to put in an LP shunt (it drains the fluid out through my spine and into my side). That did not take.. I was barely breathing in the ICU the next morning, so he had to do another emergency surgery and put in a VP shunt (this one is attached to the side of my head, a hole is drilled into the skull, one side of the tubing goes into my right ventricle, and the other side runs down my neck and drains into abdominal cavity). When I finally woke up I didn’t even realize what had happened, I just knew I wanted to go home. I had dropped weight drastically, from 140 lbs to 107 lbs.. I was no longer able to walk.. I had lost all of my muscle and I had no coordination.

Things slowly got better.. I was eventually able to walk again without help, I had to completely change my diet because the allergy/intolerance foods were bothering me way more then before (I assume cause my body got so weak), the foods were really effecting my skin. It made me start to look into whats in my soap, lotion, shampoo, ect. I had then realized the amount of unnecessary ingredients that were in all the products I had been using, all of the fillers that were not good for your skin… and I didn’t want to add any thing else to my health issues. That’s when I started researching how to make natural bath & body products. Once I got a few recipes made I Loved them! Started sharing with friends & family and got back great reviews! I realized I would not be able to back to bartending again, and decided maybe this was my calling!! (Well and to one day down the road be a mommy).


 So I am now Happily making Natural Bath & Body Products while taking care of my Adorable little girl! I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. Even though I almost lost my life I feel so blessed to be where I am now. My husband and I are more connected now and appreciate each other more then before, I figured out how to have a healthier life style, I get to stay home with my Adorable munchkin, and I have created Natural Products I am Proud of!!




I Hope you enjoyed my story! I look forward to sharing some of my product recipes, food recipes, and some more of my life experiences with you on my journey of a Natural way of Life.